Bria/X-lite soft phone

Right-Click anywhere in the highlighted area

Click on SIP Account Settings

Click Add

1) Display name - can be any descriptive name you choose. We recommend matching this to the broadsoft User ID of the line/user this softphone will be for

2) User name - is going to be the Line/Port section of the user in broadsoft

3) Password - this is the SIP auth password of this users line/extension in broadsoft.

4) Authorization user name - this is the SIP auth username of this users line/extension in broadsoft. This is found under the User > Utilities > Authentication. Whatever you have in the field of "Authentication User Name" will be what you put here.

5) Domain - this is the customer domain in broadsoft

6) Proxy - click the proxy button

7) Address - or

8) Click OK when finished

This is the completed example. Once the fields are filled out like above with the specific information for the user/extension in broadsoft, it should look similar to this. Click OK to save changes.

Your softphone is registered and ready for use if you see the "Ready" notice in the notification window.

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