Auto Attendant

Click Services under the Options pane

Click Auto Attendant under Basic

Click Add

1) Enter a unique user ID for the auto attendant. If the auto attendant will have a DID assigned, use that here. Ex: 7025551212. If it will be extension only, use the following format: <Enterprise Number><Group Number>_<ext>. Ex: 0000100004_1001 <--- enterprise number is 00001, group number is 00004, extension is 1001.

2) Enter a descriptive name for the Auto Attendant, Ex: Main Line.

3) This will be the name displayed on the phone when a caller reaches a user by dialing their extension from the auto attendant. If you just want the calling line ID name passed through, just put a period in this box. Otherwise, keep it the same as #2

4) Same as step 3

5) If this auto attendant will play the same greeting 24/7, leave this as Every Day All Day. If it will play a special greeting during business hours, and a different greeting after hours, select the business hours time schedule from the drop down menu. Note: Every Day All Day is the default, but you can build you own time schedules. Click to Time Schedules jump to this lesson now.

6) Scope of extension dialing should stay at group unless you have multiple groups in this enterprise and want this Auto Attendant to be able to dial out to everyone in extension dialing. Same goes for Scope of name dialing, but this is for the dial-by-name directory option. Finally, choose how you want callers to be able to dial-by-name. It's best to choose LastName + FirstName and FirstName + LastName, so if the caller only enters the first name it can still find the user.

7) Click OK to save settings

1) Select Personal Greeting if you wish to load a greeting you have saved to your computer

2) Click Choose File and browse to this file. It must be in WAV format, U-Law, 8000 Hz mono. If you need help getting the file formatted correctly, click Audacity - How to properly form a broadsoft acceptable WAV for greetings

3) If you want callers to be able to dial an extension during the greeting, select this option.

4) The Phone Number field is where you want to put the extension or 10-digit off net DID of the destination for that option. Ex: operator is at ext 1010, entering 1010 in this box means if a caller presses 0 the call is transferred to 1010. You can also enter feature access codes prior to the extension. Ex: to send to the operator's VM directly without ringing their phone, you would put *551010 as *55 is the direct transfer to VM feature access code. For more information on Feature Access Codes click Feature Access Codes

5) Under the Key Description field, this will just be the name of the transfer option. Ex: sales, billing, support, etc. This is only for your reference and is not displayed to the caller.

6) Use the drop down menu to select one of the transfer option Actions.

7) There are several Actions to choose from. Transfer with prompt will send the caller to the extension in the Phone Number field, and alert them that their call is now being transferred. The option without prompt just sends the caller right away with no delay or alert of their call being transferred. Transfer to operator plays a special alert that the call is transferring to the operator. Note that the highest Action on the list with this selection will be the default destination if a caller doesn't choose an option. Because of this, it's best to save this for the top. Name Dialing sends the caller to the systems automated Dial-By-Name directory. Extension Dialing is only useful if you chose to disable option 3 but still wish for callers to enter an extension of their party they wish to reach from a sub menu. Repeat menu will play the greeting over again from the start. Exit will disconnect the caller.

8) Click OK to save changes.

The After Hours menu will now display. If this auto attendant will have only 1 greeting played 24/7, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow the same directions for business hours and click OK to save.

You will be returned to the Auto Attendant Add page. Note there is no phone number or extension listed. Click on the Name of the auto attendant to add these

Click Addresses

1) If a DID will be assigned to the auto attendant, click the drop down menu and select it from the list. If this will be extension only, skip this step.

2) Fill in the extension of the auto attendant here

3) Click OK to save changes

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