Assigning Services to an existing group level service




Click Services under the Options pane.



Click on the Service you need to add additional Ala Carte services to. For this example we will add Voice Messaging to a Hunt Group. But the steps are the same for any additional Ala Carte Service.



Click the Name of the service you wish to make changes to.



On that services Profile page, click Assign Services under Advanced.



1) Click the service you wish to assign.

2) Click Add to move the service from Available to User.

3) Click OK to save changes,



You will be brought back to the services Profile page. Under the Options pane, you should see new links to click. Because this example used Voice Messaging, the Messaging link now appears. If you chose a service that falls under a different category, such as Call Forwarding Selective, you would see Incoming Calls appear now. Click the new link and follow the steps to configure the service to your needs. For more information, please review the chapter on User Level Services.

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