Partners are responsible for complete enterprise build out of their end-customers phone systems. Including all phone related hardware such as switches, routers, etc.


  • All User level features and services: User build out, voice mail setup, call forwarding features, etc.
  • All Group level features and services: Auto Attendants (IVR), Hunt Groups, Call Center Queues, voice portal, etc.
  • Licensing can be added 24/7 via the Orion portal, so after hours installations are convenient.


CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)

  • All phones / SIP endpoints are loaded with a working configuration file and tested, or the device will be manually provisioned by the partner/customer during install.
  • All IAD/switches/routers are programmed by the partner or the customer.

Installation/Turn up

Partners are responsible for the shipping/delivery of all phone system related hardware. They are also responsible for the physical setup of the devices in their customers office space.

If any 3rd party software (such as Unity, Broadworks Call Center Agent, etc) was sold to the customer, the software will need to be installed on the customers PCs. BluIP recommends partners work with their customers IT department to complete this.

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