Process Overview

Provisioning the Group Shell

After an order has been successfully placed in the Billing/Orion platform, the Provisioning team will send out the login credentials for the new group shell. Inside this shell we will already have setup your services you ordered. If during the provisioning phase you run into issues and require additional licensing, you can simply order more services via the Billing/Orion platform 24/7 and they will be loaded into the group for you.

Installing CPE

Partners have two options when it comes to CPE. Drop shipping from the vendor and assisting your customer with a remote installation, or delivering the CPE and installing yourself. Whichever option you choose, keep in mind tier 1 issues on the customers LAN (firewall, cabling, etc) are not the responsibility of BluIP and not in our scope of support.

Turn up / cut over

Partners will work with BluIP as needed for cut over items such as LNP (porting numbers) and internet connection turn up (if connectivity was ordered via BluIP).

Support post installation

After the customer is installed and working on the VoIP network, there will be the typical MACD (Move, Add, Change, Delete) issues along with other higher tier issues from time to time. The partner is responsible for all tier 1 issues such as LAN problems, MACDs, firewall/ISP connectivity issues. Only tier 2 issues and above such as 911 issues, ISP connectivity when purchased from BluIP, and inbound disconnected intercept messages should be sent off to BluIP support.

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