1. BluIP will order a single line white page listing for one phone number per customer. This listing will consist of the customer’s name, address (if requested) and telephone number.
  2. BluIP will make every attempt to retain directory listing information for numbers that port in to the BluIP network, however it is good policy for the partner to order a new directory listing right after the port occurs to insure the information is correct.
  3. BluIP will place a CNAM order for any number that is purchased from or is ported in to the BluIP network. CNAM is limited to 15 characters in length.
  4. The partner will be responsible for working with the customer to determine their needs for directory listing and CNAM services and for placing correct orders using the paper based Directory Listing / CNAM order form. Copies of the order form can be requested by emailing lnp@bluip.com.
  5. The partner will be responsible for submitted the correct form to lnp@bluip.com.
  6. Directory Listing and CNAM orders generally take 7 to 10 business days to process.
  7. There are certain areas in the Northeast covered by Verizon where BluIP cannot place directory listing orders.
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