How To - Order New Toll Free Number(s)

New Toll Free number orders take between 24 and 48 hours to complete

Log in to

Search for Customer Account

  • Search for the customer by typing the company name in the Search box in the left-hand sidebar
  • Press Enter
Search for Customer Account
  • A minimum of two accounts will be returned during this search. One will have a role of "Enterprise" and the other will have a role of "Customer".
  • Click on the Customer account name.

Click on the "Order Form" tab

Select Add Toll Free Order

This will launch the new toll free order form.

Click on the "Order Form" tab

Fill out the Add Toll Free Order

  1. Service Type:  Select Residential or Business
  2. Area of Service:  Select from the drop-down menu, USA or USA and Canada
  3. How many numbers are you ordering?:  Enter the quantity of numbers you want.
  4. Are you requesting a vanity number?  
    • No - (If no vanity numbers are requested, BluIP will order the first available number)
    • Yes - Select the "Places" tab; select "Vanity Toll Free Number Look Up Tool.  Search the available vanity numbers.   If you find a number you want, include it in the "Notes" section of the order.  (DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER ON THIS WEBSITE, YOU WILL INCUR CHARGES)
  5. Notes - include pertinent information such as:
    • Date number(s) are needed by
    • Provide the vanity number(s) you are requesting
  6. Save Order

The order will create a ticket and the LNP Dept will process the order.  As soon as number(s) are activated, the ticket will be updated and you will be notified via email.

Fill out the Add Toll Free Order

Tracking your order

A ticket is generated to track the progress of the order.  Tickets are available for review from the Tickets tab on either your Partner account or from the Customer account.

Tickets remain in the account forever, however after 7 days with a status of "resolved", the ticket will be closed.  To view closed tickets, filter the Ticket list by selecting  "Ticket Status"  and filter by typing in "Resolved" in the drop-down box.

Tracking your order

Whenever an action is taken on a ticket, the system will generate an email notification (i.e. submitting an order, order rejection, FOC date or if additional information is needed.

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