Release 19.0 - BroadWorks Xtended Services Interface Interface Specification

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XSI-Actions & XSI-Events

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Events - Subscriptions

  • Good use: When creating an application that is event driven.
  • Example: Endpoint receives a call and you want to log it into a 3rd party system/app.
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  • Good Use: Creating a portal.
  • Example: Modify, Add, Remove user/group/enterprise preferences and details. (Cannot be used for creation. Only Provisioning)
  • TEST:
  • More:
    • Call Logs
    • Enterprise Directory
    • Custom Contacts
    • Calls
    • Dial
    • Automatic Callback
    • Call Me Now
    • Call Pickup
    • Services
    • Call Park
    • Call Transfer
    • Music on Hold
    • Do Not Disturb


The BroadWorks CTI interface is served by the BroadWorks Xtended Services Platform (XSP) server. The XSP sits between CTI applications and the BroadWorks core network. Within the core BroadWorks network, the servers that the CTI interface uses to deliver its functions are the Application and Network servers.

A remote application creates one or more connections over the CTI interface. These connections are TCP or TLS socket connections opened against a BroadWorks XSP server. Over these connections, an application can send in requests and receive responses. Event delivery mechanisms are also established over these connections.


The XSI-Actions is a Web Application that runs in a container like the BroadWorks Xtended Services Platform (XSP). XSI-Actions is responsible for authenticating the requests received from the remote application. It is also responsible for providing request and response mapping and for routing events received from the BroadWorks core.

When an HTTP request is received from the remote application and successfully authenticated, then the BroadWorks core processes the request and an appropriate response is generated.

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