Dialer for Google Chrome


A Google Chrome™ extension that provides BluIP telephony integration.

What will this do for you?

  • FOR ALL! The Dialer works with any Broadsoft/Broadworks service provider. Powered by us, customized to you.
  • Pop the dialer out from the browser to have a buddy-list window floating around your desktop.
  • Get and stay in touch with your Google Contacts.
  • Scroll or search through your enterprise directory, busy lamp field users, and speed dial contacts to initiate a call.
  • View inbound and outbound call logs, than just click on an item to redial.
  • Use the click-to-dial feature, to add clickable links to phone numbers on any web page, including those within CRMs. Plus you pick whether to have a button, or just a simple link.
  • Toggle or set your Remote Office, Call Forwarding Always, and Do Not Disturb settings right from the dialer or portal.
  • Address bar (omni) dialing: an easy way to just type in -call + contact name or phone number to initiate a call.
  • Visualize or listen for incoming calls via a simple on-screen notification and let Google speak out the call details.
  • Call Control lets you manage (Talk, End, or Hold) your current calls from any active Google Chrome tab.
  • Join the Force with our new Salesforce integration. Simple setup, that allows you to log calls, create task or accounts. It'll also pull up records automatically that match the incoming/outgoing phone number.
  • Set settings from the dialer portal. Enable or disable: Chrome Notifications, Text to Speech (TTS), Click-to-Dial, and the Call Controller.
  • eAgent integration enables you to access records, dependent on your call details. Simplified by an automatic process, or simply clicking the matching record in the call controller.

* The Dialer is FREE and does NOT require administrative assistance for install/use. We're willing and wanting to grow with you, feedback is extremely helpful! http://www.bluip.com/forms/feedback

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