BroadWorks Receptionist

Launching the BroadWorks Receptionist Application

1) After you have logged in successfully, click on the drop down Launch menu.

2) Select Receptionist Enterprise

Dialing a Number

1) Enter the 10-digit number or extension of the party you wish to call

2) Hit the dial button

Answering an Incoming Call

1) When an incoming call is listed in the Call Console, the ANS and END buttons will appear.

2) Click the ANS button to answer the call, or the END button to send the call to voice mail.

Placing a Call on Hold

1) With an active call listed under Call Console, the HOLD button appears.

2) Click the HOLD button to place a call on hold.

Retrieving a Held Call

1) With a call on Hold in the call console, the ANS button will appear.

2) Click the ANS button to retrieve the held call.

1) Click the Enterprise tab to list the users in your enterprise.

2) The status column will show you the current call status of the user. Green is available, Red is on a call.

3) You can leave notes on specific users in the Notes column. Clicking on the Notes link will open a popup box to add more details.


Transferring a call to a user

1) With an active call in the Call Console, click the Enterprise tab to load the list of users.

2) Click on the name or number field of the user you wish to transfer the call to.

3) Click the TXR button to complete the transfer.

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