How To - Viewing and Printing Customer Invoices

A customer invoice can be viewed or printed from either the list of invoices (Invoice tab) or the Invoices report (Reports tab)



From the Invoices Tab

  • Select the Invoices tab (Each customer will have an "Enterprise" account and at least one "Customer" account.  Generally the invoices will be found on the Invoices tab on the "Enterprise" account.)
  • Access an invoice by clicking on the invoice number (hyperlink)

From the Reports Tab

The Reports tab is accessible from either your Partner, Customer or Enterprise accounts.

Select the Reports tab and under Owner Reports, select the Invoices Report (note:  the Invoices Report from the Partner account will provide a list of invoices for all customers)

To open the invoice on the computer screen, right-click on the invoice number (hyperlink) and select "Open link in new window"

Printing an Invoice

Once an invoice appears on the screen:

  • Right click anywhere on the invoice
  • Select Print
  • Select Print to print a hard copy, or select Change and change to pdf (Note:  the first page of the invoice will print as two pages)
  • If you have pdf editor software you can repair this, otherwise, you should include yourself as an email recipiant of the invoice and print the PDF that way.
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