How To - Reverse a Credit

Check Invoice List

First check to see whether the customer has already received an invoice with the credit you are reversing.

Go to the Invoices Tab

  • If the credit amount does not appear in the Credits Issued column, simply reverse the credit
  • If the credit amount appears in the Credits Issued column, there are two options:
  1. If the invoice has been sent to customer, the reversal will need to appear on the next monthly invoice.  Simply reverse the credit.
  1. If the invoice has NOT yet been sent to the customer, you can remove the credit before sending the invoice.  First open the invoice the credit was issued, reverse the credit and then close the invoice.

Reversing the Credit

On the Customer account:

  • Go to the Transactions tab
  • Go to the CREDITS section
  • Place a checkmark to the left of the credit to be reversed
  • Select the Reverse button
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