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Credits must be issued on the Orion Customer account (see column header "Role").

On the Invoices List (located on either the Customer or Enterprise Account (usually the Enterprise Account), there are two columns where you will see the same credit amount.

  • Credits Issued - invoice the amount will appear.  You can have a credit appear on the current invoice (if it has not already been sent to the customer) OR have it appear on the next monthly invoice
  • Credits Disbursed - invoice the amount will be applied to and reduce the balance due.  No matter where the credit appears, it can be disbursed to either the oldest invoice with a balance due (Automatic Disbursement) OR a specific invoice by selecting an invoice from the Open Balance Invoices section

Two Methods of Creating Credit Transactions

  • Manually - From the Transactions tab, Credits section
  • Reversing a Transaction - From the Transactions tab, Transactions section

Manual Credit

On the Customer account:

  • Go to the Transactions tab
  • Go to the CREDITS section
  • Select Add
  • Amount - enter just the amount of the service
  • Service - select the service to be credited from the drop-down menu
  • Date & Posting Date - defaults to the current date
  • Detail - Type in the description you want to appear on the customer's invocie
  • Automatic Disbursement - Check the box for automatic disbursement
  • Save

Review your Credit - Notice that the system calculates the Tax credit for you.

Credit by Reversing a Transaction

On the Customer account:

  • Go to the Transactions tab
  • Go to the TRANSACTIONS section
  • Select the transaction you want to credit by placing a checkmark to the left of the Package ID number
  • Select Reverse

The system also credits the taxes.

Credit Appears (Issued) on Customer Invoice

Credits can appear on either:

  • Next monthly invoice
  • Current Monthly invoice

Next Month's Invoice

Simply enter the credit and save

Current month's Invoice

Note: Only issue a credit on a current invoice if it has not been sent to the customer

  • Open the current monthly invoice    Note: Only the invoice you want the credit to appear has to be open.  The invoice your credit is being applied to, does not have to be open.  
  • Enter the credit
  • Close the invoice

Opening the current month's invoice (not yet sent to the customer)

Go to the customer's list of invoices by selecting the Invoices tab.  

The list of invoices will either be on the customer's Enterprise Account (only one invoice is sent for all groups within the Enterprise), but the list can also be on the customer's Customer Account (separate invoices are sent to each customer within an enterprise.

  • Select the current monthly invoice by clicking on the check box next to the invoice.
  • Select 'Open'
  • On the list of invoices, you will see the Status change from "Closed" to "Open"
  • Enter the Credit using the instructions above for a manual credit or by reversing a transaction
  • Close the Invoice (Important to close the invoice, as transactions for the next month's billing will post the an open invoice unless all prior invoices are closed.)
  • On the list of invoices, you will see the Status change from "Open" to "Closed"

Credit are Disbursed (Applied)

Credit will be disbursed to the oldest invoice balance

Note: The invoice your credit is disbursed does not have to be open.  As soon as the credit is saved, It will be listed in the Credits Disbursed column of your Invoices list.

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