Hybrid Key System - Broadsoft User Provisioning

Configure User Identity Device Profile

Step 1: Go to the User > Profile > Addresses


Step 2:  Add users DID (if applicable)

Step 3: Enter Users Extension

Step 4: Choose Identity Device Profile

Step 5: Under Identity Device Profile Name Dropdown, choose "NEW Identity/Device Profile"

Step 6: Under Prfofile Name Enter ObiHai Device Mac Address

Step 7: Under Device Profile Type, Choose "Obihai-OBi1032 or Obihai-OBi1062 or Obihai-VVX450"

Step 8: Enter Mac Address

Step 9: Enter Line Port (Copy Users USER ID)

Assigning Key System Enterprise License

Step 10: Go to Profile > Assign Services

Step 11: Move "Key System Enterprise" license to the right and click Apply or OK to save

NOTE: Once the Device Profile (Obi 1032 or 1062 or Obihai-VVX450) and License been assigned to the user, the following configurations are automatically provisioned: 

NOTE: Obihai-VVX450 will have 6 LINE KEYS

1) Busy Lamp Field

2) Device Key Line Custom Tags

A) Busy Lamp Field: User > Client Applications > Busy Lamp Field

B) Custom Tags: Profile Addresses Configure Identity Device ProfileCustom tags TAB

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