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SureTax is a service contracted to provide continually updated tax tables for federal, state, local and municipal taxes associated with our products and services.  SureTax is part of the BluIP billing system (Orion).  Tax rates are constantly changing, so tax amount on customer invoices may vary. You will receive a user name and password to access the SureTax to pull monthly tax liability reports.

SureTax Fees

There is a monthly fee for SureTax services.  The fee is based on a sliding scale:

SureTax Fees

Administrative Cost to Partner

Partners will need to decide how they want to handle the filing of tax returns and payment of taxes.  

  1. Prepare returns yourself
  2. Have your current CPA or Accountant prepare them
  3. Hire a Telecommunication Regulatory and Compliance Specialist

BluIP highly recommends hiring a telecommunication regulatory and compliance specialist.  This is there specialty and they are knowledgeable about the industry, fast and efficient at their job.  They are familiar with SureTax and have a link to SureTax which allows them to quickly produce the filing documents.  Because they are so efficient, their fees are reasonable.

This is a list of some recommended specialists - Telecommunication Regulatory and Compliance Specialists

Cost Recovery Fees

There are two line items under "Tax Detail" on the invoices that is not a tax and does not get paid to any taxing authority.  It is an offset to your cost of doing business:

  • Regulatory Compliance Fee - An authorized offset to your administrative expenses (such as paying a telecommunication regulatory and compliance specialist).  Currently this fee is 3.25% on retail invoices.
  • Federal Cost Recovery Charge - An authorized offset to your administrative expenses

SureTax Monthly Tax Report

SureTax will email you your login and password.  Please share this with employees or outside service responsible for preparing your telecommunication tax returns.


  • Select Client View from dropdown menu

Download Tax Report

From the drop-down menus:

  • Rating Year - Select Year
  • Rating Month - Select Month
  • Report Name - Select Tax Compliance Detail
  • File Type - select either Excel Spreadsheet or CSV (Comma Delimited)
  • Leave remaining fields blank
  • Select Download


Produce a Monthly Taxes Payable Report (Excel)

To produce a quick list of taxes payable, do the following

  • Open the CSV report using Excel or open the Excel spreadsheet
  • Select the Insert tab
  • Select PivotTable
  • Select New Worksheet
  • Drag Tax_Type into Row Labels field
  • Drag Tax into the Values Field
  • Save
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