How To: Opening Balance

When converting customers over to the Orion billing system, your customers may have a balance owing on their account.  You can transfer the balances from your old system prior to running your first billing on Orion.  This amount will appear on your first Orion billing system invoice as the Previous Balance.


Opening Balance - Amount Due

  • Go to the Customer account
  • Select the Transactions tab
  • In the Transactions section, select the Add button

Note:  the fields outlined in RED are required.

  1. Amount:  Enter the amount the customer owes
  2. Service:  select "Opening Balance" from the drop-down menu
  3. Detail:  time in "Opening Balance"
  4. Save
  • Select the Invoices tab
  • Enter a checkmark in the Select column to the left of the Invoice number
  • Select Printed

Select SAVE

Opening Balance - Credit Balance

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