Voice Management Advanced Settings




Always use the Group's Mail Server option (top section). BluIP does not support a Personal Mail Server option.

1) For E-Mail Address, use the User ID from the top left but add @vm.bluip.com to the end. Ex: 0000100004_1010@vm.bluip.com

2) For User ID, use the User ID from the top left again. Ex: 0000100004_1010

3) For Password, this can only be alpha numeric (no special characters) or the script that provisions the voice messaging box on our hosted server will fail without warning. This will result in the user receiving a "this opperation cannot be completed at this time" message when they try to retrieve voice messages. This password is never needed by the user, it's only used to authenticate the broadsoft Voice Management service to the voice mail box on our hosted server.

4) Click OK to save changes.

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