How To - Payments: Entered Manually

Enter payments where the invoices reside.  Usually this the Enterprise account, but if the account is set up with group billing, the invoices will reside on the Customer account.

Go to the Transactions Tab

In the PAYMENTS section, select Add

NOTE: Adding a payment on this page will not process a credit card or ACH or other payment type, it will simply add a payment transaction and should be used to adjust an account rather than processing a payment. It assumes you have processed the payment through a CC gateway in other software for example.

  1. Amount - Enter the amount
  2. Date - You can leave the date (current date) or enter the date you actually received the payment
  3. Posting Date - can remain the current date
  4. Payment Type - select from the drop-down menu (Cash, Check, Credit Card).                        Note:  any boxed in red, must be completed in order to Save
  5. Detail - Information entered in this area will appear on the customer's invoice.
  6. Check # - Information entered in this area will appears on the Payments Report
  7. Card Type - Information entered in this area will appears on the Payments Report
  8. Automatic Disbursement - select this option if you want the payment applied to the oldest balances first
  9. OPEN BALANCE INVOICES - All invoices with a balance remaining will appear in this area.  If you want to apply the payment to a specific invoice, select the invoice (do not select Automatic Disbursement)
  10. Save
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